This is my entry for the GB-Studio Game Jam, and my first game made with GB Studio.

In this game, When Ted's watching TV, His little sister Tina wants to play hide and seek. But he is too busy watching his show. Tina said that she invited his pals, Bonnie the rabbit and Kit the cat to play. What Tina said got Ted in the mood to play. So when he counts to ten, he is off to find his friends, not in his house, but outside on a beautiful day! Only you can help him find his pals by searching through the forest. But do keep in mind that their heads fall off behind the bushes, trees and/or rocks when trying to find a place to hide. Good luck! Have fun!

Also, I don't know how to make things not spawn anymore when you found them. Many apologies for that. Will update by fixing stuff and add some more endings in the future!


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Still planning updates?

mystery of the Decapitated Child.

Sorry that got really dark. i like this a lot lol. cute fun . its a bit unclear at times where things go of if they go anywhere at all

That's okay. And thanks a lot.

this game is so funny and cute. It’s so weird that their heads came off. I really like that quirky touch

the graphics are very nice, especially the title screen

I love that you included a manual inside the game  that’s a great idea 

do the hiding spots randomize every time there’s a new game?

Thanks alot! And no, hiding spots do not randomize.

if you want help figuring out how to make them not spawn when they are found and help randomizing (so people can play multiple times) let me know 

Ok 👍