A downloadable game for Windows

You're a little frog dude. Your parents and siblings has been captured by a big fat man and taken to his big dungeon full of those red bouncing toads. Will your family be safe and sound? Let's found out!

My entry for Mini Jam 79: Frogs. Stayed up all night working on the enemy movements since 12 am until 9 pm on the third day before deadline. Been on a rush, spent time and effort on it. A few more stuff planned for the game but didn't make it. Pardon the glitches. Enjoy!


Enter: Start Game/Skip Cutscenes

Z: Jump

X: Kick

Arrow keys: Movement


FroggyFroggy.zip 28 MB


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This game reminds me  little bout Supper Mario Brothers.  Will there be  prt two?  Either Way I did enjoy your game.  ^^

There will be a part two, but I've been thinking of remaking the whole game with more levels and bosses. Thanks alot, btw!

That sounds really good and your very welcome.  ^^